The Next Step In
Targeted Advertising

Current methods of ad targeting can be efficient. Potential customers can be reached by any number of interests, demographics & shopping behaviors. There is a better way than excluding all those potential customers.
Advanced ROI is capturing the customers other companies discard.
Welcome to future of targeted advertising.

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Reach Customers On A Deeper Level

Advanced ROI has one simple goal: increase the effectiveness of advertising. With our patent pending technologies we aim to access customers that traditional advertising either doesn't reach, can't reach or simply disregards.

In today's increasingly competitive world, no one should be expected to waste money to experiment with what might or might not work to capture their audience. Unfortunately, too many players in the advertising industry prey on businesses and individuals who don't know where to spend their advertising budgets and have very little way of measuring the actual effectiveness of their ads.

Our products are designed to target your specific chosen audience and to not only increase the success of getting attention, but also to see it through using additional patented technologies including TrustBuilder and ComplianceBuilder which add the value of building immediate recognition, trust and familiarity into the ads.

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Three Unique Solutions dedicated to one objective - Increasing ROI


Business and relationships are built on trust. With TrustBuilder your very first experience with your customers and clients will begin with immediate belief in the reliability, truth, ability and strength of your products and services thanks to technology that creates immediate confidence from the moment people see your ads.


Getting attention was never as effective as it is now with radical new advertising technology that literally gets a guaranteed reaction. ResponseBuilder leverages psychological strategies to persuade your targeted viewers to respond to your ads, increasing your ROI. Advertising is now a sure thing.


When it comes to getting others to do what you wish, it takes special diplomacies to walk someone through your desired outcome. With ComplianceBuilder our technology will tactically walk people through the steps you need to reach your preferred result. The implication of planning your campaign has never made more sense.

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